Nineteen Eighty Four-Official website

The band was formed in may 2007 under the name of Barbie's Dead after the split of a first band «Les Dils», around Manu and Nonna joined by Greg (ex-«J'aurais Voulu») and Julien (ex-«Rassoudok»). This first line-up will hold just a few rehearsals, Greg leaving his place to Laurent («Charge 69») at drums.

After several months of rehearsals, the band release a first demo named «Demain plus rien» which the sleeve is drawn by Pierre Ouin, author of the comic strip «Bloodi».

Welcomed well by the punk press, this one is the object of several good columns in fanzines such as «Apatrides», «L'Oreille Cassée» or «Une Vie Pour Rien».

At the beginning of 2008, Julien decides to leave the band. He is replaced by Hugues who also plays in «Le Coeur Noir». Barbie Dead realise then its first video clip and begin a small series of concerts assuring the first part of bands as «Frustration», «Chépa», «Les Vilains Clowns» or still canadians of «Wednesday Night Heroes».

From March 2009, the group begins to record a second demo which will be finalized in August 2009, just before Laurent's departure. Lothaire takes then temporarily the place of this last one. At the beginning of 2010, the group release some copies of its second demo.

In April 2010, the band records a live in the studios of «Nancy Web TV», a local Web TV. A short time later, Hugues leaves the band. It is then necessary to wait the beginning of 2011 to find a stable line-up with the arrival of Charlie to the guitar and the return of Laurent to the drums. In june the band go in studio and four songs are recorded, so to look for a label is imperative. At the same time, the group change his name for "Nineteen Eighty Four".

At the end of 2012, the band release his first 7" named "Failure" on the german label KB RECORDS.

A second video clip is shot on that occasion, the chosen song is "Dreary Day" and the scenes are filmed in "super8". To finish the year, Nineteen Eighty Four ensure in Germany the first part of the american band Street Dogs.

At the beginning of 2013, the band goes to Germany and shares the stage with KrawallBrüder and Martens Army ( see an excerpt from the gig ) and discovers its first "big stage" performing in front of several hundred persons. Several gigs come one after another during the year, and especially at the german festival "Back On The Street" which will be the last gig for Laurent who leave the band again.

With 2014, a new drummer joins the band, Bryan, who will stay only the time to ensure some rehearsals, the recording of a new 4 tracks and one gig in Belgium. Finally, Lothaire is back in the band from september and allows to the band to perform several gigs before the end of the year... In may 2015, 1984 release a second 7" named "Revenge" on the Parisian label "Bords de Seine records". A new videoclip is recorded to promote the disc. Between 2015 and 2017, 1984 play many gigs in France and Belgium, before to release in may of 2017 his first album A decade of pain.